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3:30PM to 5PM, April 29, 30, May 1

For more information please contact James Hermes at phone 760-406-3555 or email acachapter@gmail.com.

  • This merit badge class is limited to 10 scouts. You can register online with the form at the bottom of this page. Due to the hand-on portion that satisfies certain requirements for this merit badge there will be a face-to-face meeting with everyone after the COVID-19 shelter in place orders are lifted in the coming weeks.
  • Please study on requirement #2- Give the history of one American Indian tribe, group, or nation that lives or has lived near you. Visit it, if possible. Tell about traditional dwellings, way of life, tribal government, religious beliefs, family and clan relationships, language, clothing styles, arts and crafts, food preparation, means of getting around, games, customs in warfare, where members of the group now live, and how they live.
  • For are elective requirements that each scout will have to do on their own. These will be discussed on the first day of the class.
  • For requirement #2: Suggested tribes are Cahuilla, Luiseño, Kumeyaay, Serrano, Gabrielino-Tongva, Chemehuevie, Quachan, Yuma, Mohave, Shoshone, Diguenio, Chumash, and Cupeño.

Schedule for the online Indian Lore merit badge class:

3:30PM to 5PM, Tuesday, April 14- Requirements #1 and #3(d).

3:30PM to 5PM, Wednesday, April 15- Requirements #2 and #5(i).

3:30PM to 5PM, Thursday, April 16- Requirements #3 and #4.

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