>Chapter Service Necklace<

Show your Spirit of Cheerful Service with the

ACA Service Necklace

    The Aca Service Necklace is back! All you have to do to get your very own ACA Chapter Service Necklace is be an active member of the Chapter. All youth will be awarded their necklace at a monthly OA meeting during pre-announced months. If you attend the very first meeting after your Ordeal, you will also receive a very special bead to add to your necklace. You will receive special beads for your necklace for each OA leadership position served, active service team active on, or special OA events attended. The type of bead will vary with each category. These are not cheap plastic beads either. These are Jewelry Quality glass beads as used in Authentic Indian Jewelry. The pendant on the necklace is an actual buffalo tooth.
    Adults will be awarded necklace's each year at the Chapter Banquet  based on their ongoing service to the chapter.

Attend the next scheduled meeting and receive you very own ACA Chapter Service Necklace.


Bead Color Description 
Red Bead Deer Run Singers Drum Team
Cobalt Blue Bead Camp Promotion Team
Turquoise Blue Bead Multimedia Team
Purple Bead Ceremony Team
Green Bead New OA member that attends first monthly OA meeting after completing the Ordeal Induction Weekend.
Textured Bead Served as an Elangomat at an Ordeal
Gold Bead Clan, Chapter or Lodge Officer or Position
Silver Bead Chapter Service Award or Vigil Honor