9AM to 1PM, Saturday, August 18 @ the LDS Church in Palm Springs 

All OA members welcome! We'll be rehearsing how to setup and run our camp promotion booth

for the OA Section Conclave this October and CIEC Adventure Weekend this September. 

   Aca will again be setting up our award winning camp promotion booth at the annual Section Conclave on the weekend of October 5-7 at Lost Valley Scout Camp and at the CIEC Adventure Weekend on September 29 at Glen Helen Regional Park. We need arrowmen to serve on our camp promotion team for these events.

There will be a special meeting to learn how to setup and run our camp promotion booth from 9AM to 1PM on Saturday, August 18, at the LDS Church in Palm Springs. At this meeting we will be finalizing our updated displays, teaching how to operate our VR (virtual reality) displays, setting up the informational slideshows featuring the history of Camp Emerson, as well as teaching how to set up the camp promotion booth in it's entirety.

This booth isn't just a few displays with some photos, it's really BIG! We have a model campsite, a touring kayak with a display that shows areas to paddle along the Colorado River, a large map that shows hiking trails and campsites throughout SoCal, rock climbing equipment, and information about the programs offered at Camp Emerson.

A lot of our equipment that's used for the booth is privately owned and, unfortunately, will not be available for us to use in September. Below is a list of items that will be needed to set up the full booth at both events this September.  We are asking for any arrowmen that have the following items and are willing to loan them for the Cahuilla Lodge’s use to please let us know. If you are able to loan these items to us to use in the camp promotion booth then please contact James Hermes at mobile 760-537-0394 or email acachapter@gmail.com.

Items needed for the camp promotion booth:

  • Volunteers with vehicles to safely transport our gear and displays

  • 10’X10’ EZ UP type awning

  • 18 linear feet of table covers

  • 20 linear feet of black shade cloth to use as a backdrop (also at least 6 feet wide)

  • 2 Google Cardboard VR displays and 2 mobile phone capable of streaming VR video from YouTube

  • 1 VR headset capable (and if needed a compatible mobile phone) capable of playing VR video and the memory needed for 5-6 videos that are around 1 gigabyte in size.

  • A solid chair for someone to sit in while watching the VR videos. A chair is needed because someone unfamiliar with a VR experience will become extremely disorientated.

  • A vehicle capable of hauling a 13 foot long kayak

  • 3 medium to heavy duty tripods capable of holding a cardboard display or to use as a stand for a hang clothes for a fauz mannequin wearing climbing gear or whitewater gear

  • Hiking Backpack, gear, and tent for a small model campsite

  • Climbing rope, harness, and carabiners for a climbing display.


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