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Wrestling Shirt Design Templates

Pin down your opponent with one of our wrestling t-shirt designs

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Template: 4174784

Template: 5622237

Template: 7380458

Template: 7380468

Template: 5622020

Template: 7382502

Template: 5622071

Template: 5622112

Template: 7382506

Template: 5622205

Template: 7382509

Template: 5622267

Template: 7382511

Template: 5622139

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Template: 7384159

Template: 7384168

Template: 7385341

Template: 7385342

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Template: 6330067

Template: 6330060

Template: 6330057

Template: 6330052

Template: 5622295

Template: 5622042

Template: 5621976

Template: 246488

Wrestlers live the sport, so shouldn’t they dress like it? At RushOrderTees, we make it easy for wrestlers to design their own custom apparel for training and everyday life. 

Not sure how to design your own custom wrestling t-shirts and apparel? These wrestling shirt design templates should help you get started. Pick your favorite and use our Design Studio to create something that suits your style. 

You can even support your favorite team or player with our wrestling t-shirt designs. Or you can customize shirts for your whole team! Whether you’re looking for school sports designs or simply giving a gift to family and friends, our wrestling shirt designs have you covered. 

Our intuitive Design Studio allows you to personalize your wrestling shirt designs even more - adding your colors, logo, image, team name, or slogan. Unique and professional, our wrestling shirt design ideas can help inspire you to bring your shirt to life. 

Make sure to check out our custom team uniforms as well.

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