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    By serving on an Election Team, an Arrowmen is helping to perform one of the most important duties of the Order of the Arrow, helping to honor and recognize those Scouts who best live up to the Scout Oath and Law.

   For the 2018 election season, We will be having Election Teams visiting Scouting Units throughout the District. Each Election Team should be made up of 3 youth Arrowmen with 1 adult adviser.

   Election Teams should get together, on their own, to rehearse their presentation before visiting any Units.

   Below are links to download the Election Team information packet and youth election forms. Please read through the information packet before conducting any elections.

   Also below are links to view a web version of our powerpoint training program for election team training and videos for election team training. The power point file is  designed to give an overview of the election process for Scouts who are not able to attend an Election Team training session or for those who need a refresher course. It is not a substitute for the full training that one can receive a one of the Election Team training sessions.

Election Team Training

   Click the link below to view a web slideshow version of our powerpoint training program for election teams.

Online web powerpoint training for OA Unit Election Teams. (requires MS powerpoint viewer)

Sample Completed Youth Election Form (jpg format)

   Each member of the Election Team should become familiar with the FAQ section of this website. It is designed to give you quick answers to some common questions that may come up during an election.

OA Unit Elections FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Below is an Election Team training video and the video that we will be playing to the Units if a TV and DVD player are available.

Click here to watch the Election Team training video.


Click here to watch the video that will be played to the Units that each Election Team will visit.


Election Team Resources

Election Checklist for OA Unit Election Teams (Adobe PDF format)

2018 OA Election Team Script with Video (Adobe PDF format)

2018 OA Election Team Script without Video (Adobe PDF format)

Blank Youth Election Form (Adobe PDF format)

Blank Adult Nomination Form (Adobe PDF format)

Download Video for OA Unit Election Team Training 49.6MB (MP4 file format)

Click here to download the election video for units in standard resolution. (90.1 MB, MP4)

Click here to download the election video for units video in HD resolution. (327 MB, MP4)



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