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   On this page you will find all of the needed resources to help you with the OA Unit Election. Below are: submission form for names youth candidates; youth and adult requirements for membership in the OA; information on the OA Troop/Team Representative leadership position, camp promotion presentation, and a link to download the 2018 Unit Elections Scout Master Packet or the Adult Nomination form (bottom of page).  

Youth Submission Form for Elections


Scout Masters or Designated adult leader, please email us at acachapter@gmail.com the names and ranks of youth (20 years of age and under) in your Troop or Team that will be eligible for the Order of the Arrow when we visit your Unit. By providing their names before the scheduled election date, we will be able to pre-print their names on the election ballots to make the election process much easier for the Scouts. Youth requirements for membership in the Order of the Arrow can be found directly below.

Youth Requirements for membership in Scouting's National Honor Society:

  • Be 20 years old or younger, registered and active in a Troop or Team that the election is being conducted in.

  • Be at least First Class Rank by the date of the Election.

  • As a registered member of a Troop or Team, have experienced 15 days and nights of Boy Scout camping during the two year period prior to the election. The 15 days and nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of six consecutive days and five nights of resident camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. The balance of the camping must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps.

  • Candidates for youth membership are elected by other youth members within their Troop or Team in accordance with policies set forth by the national OA committee.

  • Be recommended by the Scout Master.

Adult Requirements for membership in Scouting's National Honor Society:

  • Nominees must be registered with the Unit that the Election is being conducted in.

  •  Adult selection is based on their ability to perform the necessary functions to help the Order fulfill its purpose, and not for recognition of service, including current or prior achievement and position.

  • The individual will be an asset to the Order because of demonstrated abilities that fulfill the purpose of the Order.

  • The camping requirements set forth for youth members are fulfilled.

  • The adult leader's membership will provide a positive role model for the growth and development of the youth members of the Order of the Arrow.

  • A Scout Unit may only nominate 1 adult per 3 scouts from the unit elected for candidacy in the Order of the Arrow.

  • Adult nominations must be made at the same time as your Troop or Team elections.

 Does your Troop or Team have an OA Troop/Team Representative? Did you know that it is a recognized youth leadership position within the a Scout Unit? Click here to learn more to learn more about the OA Troop Team Representative program.

2018 Unit Elections Scoutmaster Packet, adobe pdf

Adult Nomination form, adobe pdf

   This packet contains information on OA Unit election guidelines, youth and adult membership requirements, adult nomination form, and information sheet about the Order of the Arrow.  

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